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Become an author

Exchange ideas and share your expertise

We are in contact with many authors in the industry and want to provide them with a free space to share their knowledge on e‑learning topics. Our goal is to spread knowledge about e‑learning all over the world while promoting the best experts in the industry.

There are 3 easy steps to get your article published on elearningspread:


Come up with an idea for spreading interesting knowledge within the e-learning industry.


Start writing.


Send us your photo, a short bio and your content for review and approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process for publishing an article on

The publication process is as follows:

  1. Authors send a topic proposal and a brief outline of the article via the contact form on the website.
  2. The team reviews the topic and approves it for publication.
  3. The author writes the article and sends it to us by email.
  4. The author sends a biographical note and optionally a photo to be placed below the article.
  5. Our proofreaders check the article for grammar and send the revised version back to the author for approval.
  6. Once the author approves the final article, it will be published on ELS within 30 business days.

2. How long does it take from submission to publication?
The time depends on whether grammatical corrections are needed along the way. Otherwise, the article will be published within 30 business days after the proofreader accepts it.

3. Are the authors' names listed in the article or is it credited as "ELS Authors"?
"ELS Authors" refers to authors who are part of our team. If you choose to publish your text under your own name, your profile information, including bio, will be displayed along with your photo.

4. Does elearningspread compensate authors for their contribution?
Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer compensation to authors. If you wish, we can insert a link to your LinkedIn profile, email or website – this is our way of returning the favor for your contribution.

5. Are you looking for articles on a specific topic or anything related to e‑learning?
We are interested in any topic related to learning technology or e‑learning.


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