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Sound Effects

Why not bring e-learning materials to life using sound in the same way that Nintendo UI pops, clicks and whistles?🎢

We have prepared an amazing SFX library that was crafted especially for the needs of e-learning course developers. The package contains high-quality sounds, broken down into convenient categories, that will make your e-learning course come to life.

Meeting Specific Needs

Designed specifically for use with e-learning courses. Make your e-learning course an interactive experience that truly shines. Let your customers immerse themselves in a course with accompanying sounds.

Easy To Use

We have categorized our sounds in a way that makes it easy to work efficiently. You will quickly find the sounds you are looking for that match what is currently displayed in your e-learning course.


Our goal is to promote e-learning courses and spread the idea of e-learning to the widest possible audience. Use our free sound library and spread the good word about the e-learning industry.

Wisely selected and categorized

Our efforts were primarily aimed at meeting the needs of e-learning course developers. We are e-learning developers ourselves, so we know which sounds are most useful and the moments when they will have the fullest effect, adding variety to the online training experience.

  • 75 unique sound effects
  • High-quality WAV format
  • Commercial license

Listen to demo:


Check out the sample below to experience our sounds in their intended setting

Frequently asked questions

If there is anything else you would like to inquire about, please contact us directly.

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