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Articulate Storyline, April 18 2023 update

A new update (Build 3.75.30269.0) to Articulate Storyline has been released.


  • Fixed: The video compression setting was disabled when it should have been active.
  • Fixed: Sliders skipped a step when their starting or ending value was a negative number.
  • Fixed: The print results report.html file didn’t include every quiz and survey response when learners resumed the course.
  • Fixed: Layers with multiple text boxes and text-entry fields would load slowly.
  • Fixed: A numeric-entry field displayed “NaN” when a trigger adjusted its default value.
  • Fixed: Drag-and-drop interactions could stop working when learners revisited them.
  • Fixed: The focus order was incorrect for shuffled pick-one and pick-many interactions.
  • Fixed: Hyperlink states didn’t always work.
  • Fixed: The resources player tab displayed even though it was disabled in slide properties.
  • Fixed: A course with the menu disabled could freeze when it included a video with controls and captions.

The above information listing the release notes comes from the following site:

Visit it to get more information regarding the improvements and new features.

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