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Articulate Storyline, April 4 2023 update

A new update (Build 3.74.30180.0) to Articulate Storyline has been released.


  • New: Create immersive experiences with continuous background audio that sets the tone and keeps learners engaged. Learners can turn off background audio if they prefer.
  • New: Generate synchronized video transcripts from closed captions so visual content is accessible to all learners, including those who rely on screen readers, use braille displays, or prefer to read.
  • New: Publish Storyline 360 courses directly to Reach 360—a lightweight distribution tool to deploy your e-learning content to more learners, including deskless workers, contractors, and customers.
  • New: Empower learners with accessible question feedback layers that meet color, contrast, and focus guidelines by default.
  • Enhanced: Quickly apply a feedback master to multiple question slides simultaneously.
  • Enhanced: Easily create time-based triggers in minutes and seconds. You no longer need to convert values to seconds only.
  • Enhanced: We added streaming video support for videos in 360° images.
  • Fixed: Storyline 360 could crash when adding conditions to triggers or publishing to Word.
  • Fixed: Screen readers skipped some objects on layers and unexpectedly changed the state of some hyperlinks.
  • Fixed: Audio could cause buffering of slides. And courses with videos might not load in Safari.
  • Fixed: Shapes didn’t always inherit the new theme color choice.
  • Fixed: The correct feedback layer didn’t inherit font and color changes from the feedback master.
  • Fixed: Text-to-speech narration included the word “dot” when it exceeded 1,000 characters.
  • Fixed: Sliders continued to work when they were disabled.
  • Fixed: Changes made to Engage 360 interactions didn’t display in the published output.

The above information listing the release notes comes from the following site:

Visit it to get more information regarding the improvements and new features.

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