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Articulate Storyline May 30, 2023 update

A new update (Build 3.76.30446.0) to Articulate Storyline has been released.


  • Enhanced: The lost connectivity alert is now optional. Turn it on in the player properties.
  • Enhanced: Data-entry fields wrap text to multiple lines based on the “wrap text” option rather than the height of the field. You no longer need to make the height more than 60 pixels.
  • Enhanced: Storyline 360 now supports high-resolution animated GIFs.
  • Enhanced: You can now insert web videos using relative paths.
  • Enhanced: We upgraded the embedded version of Chromium to 112.0.5615.49 in Storyline 360.
  • Fixed: Drag-and-drop interactions behaved erratically after multiple attempts.
  • Fixed: Text-entry fields with a dashed line outline displayed differently in the published output.
  • Fixed: Images with zoom enabled were blurry.
  • Fixed: Timeline preview buttons weren’t always clickable.
  • Fixed: Triggers on hotspots could fire unexpectedly, and change-state triggers didn’t always work in question banks.
  • Fixed: Storyline 360 didn’t preserve formatting for tables imported from PowerPoint, and an error could occur during import.
  • Fixed: Learners couldn’t switch to full-screen mode on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: Storyline 360 could freeze when minimized. It could crash when inserting SVG images or fine tuning screen recordings.
  • Fixed: Hyperlinks in text boxes that animated by paragraph didn’t work correctly.
  • Fixed: Zoom regions didn’t work at the beginning of the timeline on slides with transitions.
  • Fixed: The “Lower background audio volume when slide audio plays” option didn’t always work.
  • Fixed: On mobile devices, some interactive objects became unresponsive, and navigation could lock on slides with multiple videos.

For more information regarding the improvements and new features, visit:

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