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Articulate Storyline, September 19, 2023 – update

A new update (Build 3.80.30988.0) to Articulate Storyline has been released.

The changes include:

  • Enhanced: Generate realistic, natural-sounding text-to-speech narration with neural voices.
  • Fixed: When retrying incorrect questions, the first question briefly displayed even when you got it right.
  • Fixed: In the player menu, question bank slides weren’t highlighted when selected or visited.
  • Fixed: Audio from the base layer wouldn’t play in published video output when slide layers paused the timeline of the base layer or hid objects on the base layer.
  • Fixed: Font sizes shrunk for sequence drop-down answers when previewed or published.
  • Fixed: Cropping an illustrated character made it blurry.
  • Fixed: Text in shapes with a zoom animation could have spacing issues.
  • Fixed: Some player text labels erroneously appeared in the translation Word document or XLIFF file.
  • Fixed: Arabic hyperlinks, hyperlinks in states, and triggers that referenced hyperlinks might not work.
  • Fixed: The starting frames of screen recordings were blurry.
  • Fixed: An error occurred when switching to a custom player with a logo.

For more information regarding the improvements and new features, visit:

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